The Popular Passenger Wagon You'd Long To Keep Driving

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is among the most popular passenger wagons in the industry and there’s a reason why. Anyone who has been behind the wheel of this van longs to get back in it. With its pretty looking form and trim and a well-lit, well-thought-out interior and a responsive powerful engine, what’s there not to love?

The passenger seats can be folded down with multiple options of passenger seating numbers of two, five, eight, 10, 12 or even 15! You also have three options for headroom for the low, medium or high roof heights. When it comes to van conversion options, you’d be surprised how you can turn the interior into a whole different space. You actually can opt for a flat-screen TV, a power third-row sofa bed and even turn it into a motorhome.

Come by our showroom at Donnell Ford and get the feel of the van.


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