Innovative, Legendary & Contemporary: The Ford Taurus

The terms innovative, legendary and contemporary perfectly describes the Ford Taurus. This amazing vehicle has a pedigree that dates back to over 34 years. Consumers will have access to a dependable engine, luxurious features as well as plenty of capability.

The Ford Taurus is a mid-size sedan, and it's very popular among a diverse group of people. This sedan has a lot of practical features for its interior like USB ports, a touchscreen display, in-car apps and top-of-the-line audio. The front-row seats have comfort features built-in, and the rear seat can provide 60/40 configuration. The sedan's interior is laced in premium cloth that's soft to the touch. There are also metal and chrome accents for added sophistication. The Ford Taurus allows for hands-free use via Bluetooth as well as hosts a number of cupholders.

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