The Ford F-150 Has Technology That Enhances Handling On Off-Road Terrain

The F-150 is one of the best trucks for off-road environments because it has technology that manages handling. If you drive an F-150 Raptor on paths or trails in a wilderness area, you can change how the truck performs by selecting specific modes in the cabin.

Ford's traction hardware is called the Terrain Management System. It has seven modes for different conditions. In general off-road locations, the Normal setting works efficiently, and the Sport mode provides great benefits on slopes. Following a rainstorm, the Slippery mode can help the F-150 power through puddles. For towing jobs, the Tow/Haul option can give the engine proper power and torque, and the Snow/Sand setting performs effectively on layered terrain.

Many of these modes can give the F-150 better gas mileage. The Terrain Management System accomplishes this by letting a user manage torque, acceleration, and braking. You can check out these features after setting up a test drive at Donnell Ford.



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